Linen & Elm specializes in photography and digital design and is located in Historic Lebanon, Ohio. After a long career in software sales and as a marketer myself, I provide marketing and creative services to a variety of businesses across the U.S.

But my true passion is writing and photography. And that’s why you’re here! 🤍

In The Beginning

My photography journey began in high school when I served as a yearbook editor and photographer. I learned to shoot manually and spent time in the darkroom developing my own film. I still have that camera to this day.

Eventually, life took over and I put my creative interests on the back burner. I got married and became a mom. Some of my favorite photos of my own kids were shot using that very same camera.

In 2012, I stumbled upon something special…

In 2012 I ventured into blogging as a creative outlet. At the time I only had an iPhone camera but managed to get my work published in magazines. It even caught the eye of local TV stations and I even made an appearance on The Rachael Ray Show! What I learned? That great photography isn’t because of an expensive camera or a good lens. It’s the eye of the person behind the camera.

It taught me that photography is more than expensive equipment. he more I wrote, the larger the following became. During this time, the blog became a true side hustle while I maintained a full-time job throughout those years. Creatively, the blog was my lifeline. It connected me with so many people with similar passions as my own. A perfect hobby for a single mom at the time, where we could connect online doing what we loved.

In summer of 2021, I was encouraged by a friend to pursue photography full time. Little did I know, the business grew quickly and soon I had a fully booked year!

My photography and writings have been recognized and published in well-known magazines, I’ve made national TV appearances, I apply what I know in the form of beautiful photography, business coaching, web design and branding across all platforms. I attend hundreds of training sessions throughout the year and stay up-to-date on the trends in digital media. The methods and principles I teach I apply in my day-to-day business. I teach small business owners how to keep things simple and to become efficient marketers. I share the hows and whys of content creation and how to elevate your brand. I teach the basics of SEO and how to improve your Google rankings. 

I shoot with design in mind. My photography captures the essence of YOU and your family members.  

I’ve been able to leverage my creative business into some amazing opportunities, including my personal appearance on the Rachael Ray Show and a five-page feature in Better Homes & Gardens (January 2017 print issue!) To learn more about me and my professional background prior to my creative endeavors, here is my LinkedIn profile.  

and a variety of business coaching packages to small businesses and entrepreneurs who also want to learn the art of building a brand presence online.
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