Questions? Here are some of the most common questions I receive from clients.

Frequently Asked Questions:

All booking fees (what you pay up front) include email delivery of a beautiful digital gallery that can be shared online. Your online gallery allows for a specific # of high-resolution digital images that you can instantly download. (Hi-res digital quantities vary by package). Gallery sneak peeks are delivered online within 48 hours at that time you choose your favorite editing style. All galleries allow you to mark your favorites, and hide your least favorites. All galleries offer you your very own print shop where you can use a customizer to create beautiful print products. Full digital gallery buyouts are also available. Every wedding package includes a FREE engagement session.

Yes! My wedding photography brochure outlines my latest pricing and includes a sample contract for you to review.

I use several cameras, my main is a Sony a7iii with a zoom lens. I also have a 90mm lens for detail shots. My second camera is a Sony a6000 for details and my second shooter team uses Sony and Nikon. We use on-camera as well as off camera flash. Outdoors we use reflectors and natural light.

Sure! Say you purchase a session that includes 30-high-resolution images. But your gallery shows 300 images! That means out of the 300 you can download 30 of your favorites in high resolution. If you like all 300 you can buy out the entire session for an additional fee. That’s why marking your favorites is so important. It helps you carefully choose the 3o you want to download.

Yes! Print products can be customized inside every gallery. Print products are optional. You may purchase a luxury package up front as your gallery is being created, or you can create your own products after the gallery is delivered online. Guests can make purchases as well and can receive early bird pricing for ornaments, calendars, prints, albums, and more.

Think of mini-sessions as a local, themed event. They are often decorated with a theme at a specific location, on a specific day set by the photographer. Mini-session time slots are limited to 30 minutes and are sold out once booked. They include a smaller number of digital images because we spend less time shooting. In contrast, a full session is more traditional in the sense that a family books a longer one-on-one session time with the photographer. We discuss location, dates, and times in advance, and we curate a look that the family wants for their home.

Within 48 hours I deliver sneak peeks that can be shared online. This is where we finalize your look. I average 4 weeks for full galleries.

Everyone is welcome at Linen & Elm Photography. We welcome people of all ages, all stages, and all phases of life.

Start with the approximate # of hours of coverage you think you will need. Then send me a message via my contact form, and we can go from there!

Yes, I am insured and can provide information upon request.