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eBooks, Posing Guides & Templates

I’m a lucky photographer and have some of the best clients! But if you’re wondering why my clients look so amazing in their photos – there is a secret to their success!

My clients are coached and prepared! My eBooks and posing guides help coach my clients before their sessions, and without a doubt, it’s the “secret sauce” behind every wow-worthy gallery I deliver!


Written from the perspective of a photographer, a mom, and an interior stylist, these books are filled with advice after working alongside Better Homes & Gardens stylists and my own appearance on Rachael Ray! Brimming with advice to help you feel confident and comfortable behind the camera!

Instagram Puzzle Templates

Spruce up your Instagram feed with my Canva templates! Instantly delivered to your inbox with instructions. Check out this video to see how to use them. Follow me on Instagram where I use these everyday!

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